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We have represented hundreds of thousands of employees in class actions, wage disputes, wrongful termination and discrimination cases.

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Our Sacramento Employment Attorneys Have 20 Years of ExperienceWe work as a team and have over 20 years of experience
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Next to your family, your job may well be the single most important part of your life. Most of us spend nearly as many hours at work as we do at home. It is important that California workers have protections against certain illegal acts and policies that some employers use to maximize profits at their workers’ expense. In California, illegal practices frequently occur in the workplace, often in the form of wrongful termination, wage theft, harassment, or discrimination.

At Labor Law Office, APC in Sacramento, we are committed to upholding the rights of workers to a non-discriminatory work environment and lawful pay for the work they do.

Help Is Available

Because you need your job, you may feel that you have no choice but to accept matters as they are; but, that is not the case. Fortunately, California state and federal laws exist to protect workers from illegal actions. You have recourse against your employer for illegal labor practices.

“In 20 years of practice, we have handled about every employment situation you could imagine. We can usually determine immediately if a client has a case they should bring.”

Attorney Michael L. Carver

Experienced Representation by Sacramento’s Labor Law Office, APC

When you are facing an illegal workplace situation, you should consult the experienced California employment attorneys at Labor Law Office, APC in Sacramento as soon as you become aware of the illegal practice, to determine if you have legal options. We have a 20-year track record of successfully resolving employment-related complaints and have assisted more than 400,000 consumers and employees.

Sacramento Employment Law Attorney Fights For YouOur attorneys have many years experience handling employment related problems. Let us fight for your rights!

We Make It Easy

Don’t allow your employer to violate your legal rights. At Labor Law Office, APC, we make it easy for you to get the answers and legal advice you need when your employer is violating the law. Call us today. Your initial case evaluation is free and without obligation. The law places strict time limits on filing a complaint, so don’t delay. Call Labor Law Office, APC today.

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Your Rights Are Important to Us

It may appear that the odds are stacked in favor of your employer, who has more resources and the ability to deprive you of the job you can’t risk losing. But you can help level the playing field by having the top quality experienced legal representation that Labor Law Office, APC can provide. We understand the pressures that you face when your employer is not playing fair. We know how important continued employment is for your well being and that of your family. We can assist you against illegal labor practices.

Potential Damages to Which You May Be Entitled

Call Labor Law Office, APC today to learn how we can help you fight for your rights against illegal practices on the job. You may receive compensation for your losses:

  • Unpaid Wages
  • Loss of Benefits
  • Damage from Wrongful Termination
  • Loss of Future Employment Opportunities
  • Legal Fees
  • Emotional Distress
  • Inconvenience
Sacramento Employment Attorney - Labor Law Office, APC