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Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibit employers from using a person’s race as a consideration when making employment decisions, including hiring, firing, pay rate, promotion, or job duties. In spite of the law, racial discrimination in the workplace persists, and the number of claims has been increasing in the past decade. Some examples of prohibited race-based discrimination include:

  • Failing to hire a qualified applicant based on race
  • Firing, demoting, or disciplining an employee based on race
  • Paying members of a certain race less than others doing similar work
  • Denying members of a certain race benefits, promotions, or opportunities
  • Classifying or segregating job applicants or employees by race
  • Assigning less desirable jobs or work locations to certain employees based on race
  • Requiring only certain languages be spoke in the workplace

Racial discrimination and harassment have been found to cause not only economic disadvantages to victims and their families, but also serious mental health problems, including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety disorders.

Proving Racial Discrimination

Proving racial discrimination is difficult, because employers will typically deny that an adverse decision was racially motivated and are usually prepared to provide a trumped-up reason in an attempt to escape liability. These cases require having an experience California employment attorney working for you to develop a strong and credible case.

The two generally accepted standards of proof are “disparate impact,” which mean statistics show the complained-of party’s actions had a greater impact on members of a particular racial group, and “disparate treatment,” in which you need to demonstrate that you were treated differently than other employees in a similar work situation who don’t share your racial characteristics.

Legal Remedies

Legal remedies include reinstatement to your job if you’ve been wrongfully fired and compensatory and punitive monetary damage awards. Compensatory damages may potentially include:

  • Compensation for lost earnings, bonuses, commissions, benefits, and opportunities
  • Out-of-pocket expenses resulting from the discrimination, for example the cost of searching for another job
  • Cost of medical bills associated with the discriminatory treatment
  • Emotional anguish
  • Psychological disturbance (depression, anxiety, stress, etc.)

Additionally, punitive damages may be awarded to you in order to punish the employer for egregious behavior and discourage repetition of the discrimination in the future.

Legal Counsel to Fight Racial Discrimination in the California Workplace

You need experienced legal counsel to help you fight your battle against racial discrimination on the job—a California employment attorney with a proven track record of successfully challenging businesses where illegal discrimination persists and obtaining monetary compensation for its victims.

Labor Law Office, APC in Sacramento, California, has more than 20 years of experience representing all racial minorities who have suffered from discriminated on the job.

At Labor Law Office, APC we pride ourselves on our professionalism, skill, and knowledge of the law, as well as our commitment to human rights, equality, and fair treatment of all in the workplace.

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